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Epic Journey 1, or Flights, Ferries, and Buses through Europe and Africa

I don’t know if I can get into details right now, but I did an epic journey last year that I didn’t quite write about.


Croatian coast on the bus ride from Split to Dubrovnik

The basics are as follows:

Flew into Brussels via Copenhagen. TGV train from Brussels to Marseille. This is a beautiful ride but the speed obscured the experience a bit. I’m also used to the US’s very slow and inefficient trains however. Flight from Marseille to Zadar. Bus to Split. Bus to Dubrovnik. Carpool to Kotor to Tivat. 3 days on a yacht (of special note). Carpool to Tirana where the pollution gave me a throat ache. Bus to Athens: huge mistake! Crowded. Only non-local. Only person of color. All of this, luckily, made me a friend or two but mostly made for a wildly uncomfortable 14 hour ordeal. Never again.

Flight to Cairo which was the first time my ears got plugged on a plane since I was of single numeric age. Bus to Luxor: another mistake! Long! Not scenic! Train to Aswan. Train back to Cairo. Flight to Istanbul where it was superrr cold and the food was shockingly unimpressive. Flight to Madrid. Overnight train to Lisbon. Train to Porto, home of port (nuff said). Flight to Barcelona (god bless Ryanair). Overnight train on Spain’s TRENHOTEL to Granada. Train to Algeciras. Ferry to Tangier: fun! Worth it! Highly recommend! Train to Fez. 1 night in mold-infested room. 2 nights in luxuriously-priced riad with accordingly comfy bed and la-di-da manager. Flight to Marseille. Train to Brussels. Depart for the good ol’ US of A, with a layover in CPH.

I will say more, I’m just not sure when. In the meantime, if you, dear readers, are interested in anything in particular, give me a shout.


Things to Try: Beer + Sprite in Prague

In which I suggest a thing to try in a place.


Staropramen is the Czech beer I see most often in the states, and it’s also omnipresent in Prague. It seemed to be on tap everywhere. We were literally drinking probably every 500 steps – on a hill, in a garden, at a cafe, and so on.

It was hot and my host suggested trying what is, according to him, a popular drink in Prague. This entailed asking the bartender to add Sprite to my beer. I’ve since heard from other people, including those from the CR, that this is a bad look. But, to each his own; it was hot and I found it fun and refreshing despite disliking soda on its own.

Something to try, or at least to ask about, if you’re in Prague.

(Excuse my measly stock photo. My trip to Prague predated the ubiquity of high quality phone cameras and attendant photo obligations.)